Sorrento Residence

Sorrento WA

Contemporary design principles were the main themes for this house. Natural rammed-earth feature walls are presented towards the street, which then follow through into the entry space of the home, enriching the interior space with this organic material. Natural light is successfully introduced into the living areas with ample large glass windows and doors, to create much ambient light. Also with the higher ceilings, high-lite windows over the living areas assist with creating this ambient space. A special request by the owners, to incorporate a study area within the Living area, but with the option to close-off this room if need be, was successfully achieved with the use of large, internal bi-folding doors, where clear panes of glass provided the visual connection without the physical intrusion of noise and with the option to open up into the living area. This contemporary house has fantastic views to the beach, and the spaces and energy flow to match.

Stage : Under Construction.

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