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Ferhan Architects is an Architectural design studio based in Perth, Western Australia. Our collaborative approach to residential, commercial and multi residential architecture results in precise solutions carefully attuned to their purpose.

Ferhan Architects is a boutique Architectural design practice which specializes in contemporary home design, with function, form and innovative design solutions being our main focus, throughout the design process. Energy efficient design has also been integrated into our architectural service, in the initiative to provide our clients the most effective and efficient design for the Site. Whether your an investor or nester, we tailor the design to suit your very needs and budget.

Established in July 2007, by the company co-founder/ managing director, we cater our service for the Residential & Commercial sectors of the building industry. Our Current projects range from New Single Residential homes, Multi Residential (apartments + units), as well as providing conceptual designs for light industrial and commercial facilities.

Residential – Single-storey, Two-storey & Three-storey dwellings, from Modest designs to Luxury designs

Multi-Residential – Townhouses, Side-by-side, Apartments, Multiple & grouped dwellings

Commercial – Kiosk design , Mixed-use premises,

Extensions and Renovations 

Aged Care 

Child Care

3D Illustration

Project Management



Where we develop a brief with the Client on their requirements and produce a researched, first concept. We then present the concept to the client for feedback and begin the next phase of the design service, namely, Design Development.

Is the phase where the first concept drawings have been reviewed by the client and any amendments that need to be made are carried out. Once the design development drawings are accepted by the client, they are then able to be lodged to the Local Council for Planning Approval.

Is the Final phase of our design service, where we produce Working drawings for various user groups: Local Council for Building License Approval, Structural Engineers to produce drawings that certify the building will be structurally sound, and Builders to be able to construct the building from the complete set of finalised Working Drawings.

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